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Mass mailing

Hello everyone,,
We are looking for a software to send a large mail file
(60 MB and 3 000 000 emails).

And this to perform professional emailing (promotion of a new site)
2 machines, one based on p4 1.5 ghz and a small 166 mhz.
So xubuntu youporn.wiki/ xhamster.vip/redtube.onl/ (the link via toorent no longer works) on and one kde or gnome on the other.
Several domain name, so ip and a server dedicated to the host.

The question is: what software to send these x-packets on x x time with x different domain (simultaneous sending on several domains with the same software in same time)


11 domains, 2 machines.

8 on the big and 3 on the small

therefore 8 simultaneous sending (in 1 hour for example) per 100 mails (limit of the dedicated server)
and 3 simultaneous sending etc.

Management of large mail base with erasure as and when sent.

What solutions do we have to do this?

thank you

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#2 2019-04-04 19:14:06

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Re : Mass mailing

NewsletTux is not intended to support 60MB emails. Many mailboxes are not also.
i'd suggest you to use another tool to perform this task, such as mailjet, sendinblue, etc. but i'm not sure they offer this feature.

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